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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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i'm charles clifford. friends and family are mourning the loss of rashon williams. a masseur arrested for sexual battery. the unlicensed business was operational for 30 years. tonight at 11:00 police have arrested a suspect accused of murdering a 14-year-old boy. the deadly stabbing in san francisco's mission district. we have team coverage beginning with dan kerman. he has details on the arrest and what we are learning about
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the suspect. >> this is a tragedy. our family never experienced anything like this. >> reporter: 14-year-old rashon williams was the man of the family. >> he is like a father to his little sister, to his brother. i can't believe this. >> reporter: they were at garfield park. the brothers left the park and walked a block to get something to drink. >> the victim was stabbed on folsom street. he was walking with a family member when he was assaulted. >> reporter: williams was pronounced dead. >> he was robbed from his life. this guy was going to make it in life. he was in a catholic school. >> reporter: they say it wasn't
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random. police announced the arrest of a juvenile in connection with his murder. they are not giving detail who the suspect is and the motive. family members say williams had been the object of threats. police can't confirm whether the suspect in custody is the person who was threatening him. dan kerman, kron4news. 100 people gathered at a make shift memorial on folsom street outside of ruben's market and wrote loving messages around photographs of williams. charles clifford is outside of sacred heart prep school. how are people remembering the 14-year-old there tonight? >> reporter: he had just started high school here. a few days into the school year
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the student body is mourning the loss of this young man. wednesday morning the faculty here at sacred heart cathedral prep, the staff went room to room to deliver the news. >> we felt it was easier and appropriate to share tragic news on that level. >> reporter: he was a freshman and already well liked. >> he was a fungi fun guy to be around and usually happy. >> reporter: the family is devastated. he can't believe a promising life was cut short. >> he had a 4.0 to come to sacred heart. he had a smile that would brighten my day. good kid.
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>> reporter: the faculty here said they want to work with the family to set up a formal memorial at the school at some point in the near future. in other big news an unlicensed massage therapist is arrested on sexual battery. he has been operating an unregulated massage business on brentwood court. one woman claimed he has offered his services to her. >> he was retired. >> reporter: the masseur lived next door. >> he sits on his front porch. i have never seen traffic in or out. >> reporter: from what he calls a business comes as a surprise. >> i wondered if it was legitimate. >> reporter: jacqueline jones is speaking of her 66-year-old
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neighbor with the massage business. he operated out of his home on brentwood court. >> ranging from minor back pain or physical pain or discomfort to assisting with fertility. >> reporter: the business is unlicensed. >> he has been operating for 30 years on his own. >> reporter: three clients say he touched them inappropriately. >> he offered me services and i turned it down. >> reporter: it didn't seem right? >> no. i didn't know anything about him. i didn't feel right going to get services from him. i didn't know anything about him. >> reporter: more victims may come forward. he was booked in the county
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jail. bail set at $10,000. philippe djegal, kron4news. the regulatory judges filing today with the security and change commission, the utility will appeal a $1.4 billion penalty recommended for the 2010 explosion that killed 8 people in san bruno. the commission should consider the $2.7 billion the utility has spent on pipe line safety improvements. critics say those improvements should have been made before the san bruno incident. the penalty issued yesterday would go to the state's general fund.
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an appeal is due in 30 days. a nation on high alert. a man who tried to kidnap a girl. >> get your hands up. hands up. >> i will open fire now. shaky video from a body camera showing a tense change between police and an off duty firefighter. it was warmer out there today. that warming trend will continue. more coming up. ...we need to break up.
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the family of a journalist killed by isis broke the ice today. steven sotloff, after video of his execution was made public, his family said he dedicated his life to bringing to life the suffering of people in war zones. >> he was no hero.
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he was a mere man who tried to find good in a world of darkness. if it didn't exist, he tried to create it. >> it is the second beheading in 2 weeks by isis. it is a message to the united states to stop air strikes in iraq. several cats dead killed by coyotes in the peninsula. why they are leaving the hills? a girl fights off a kidnapping attempt. later in the broadcast, giants blown out in colorado. did they lose to the dodgers? harbaugh commenting on mcdonald later.
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police in richmond on are the hunt for a man who attempted to kidnap a 14-year- old girl. his daughter saw the suspect again days the incident. kron4 reports there is a reward for his arrest. >> reporter: this neighborhood is concerned. they hope pictures will get what they call a dangerous man off the street. the man speaking didn't want to
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be identified. he is very upset after what he said happened to his daughter after she was walking home in school in this richmond neighborhood. >> she can't sleep. she is very sad. >> reporter: it happened august 23rd on florida avenue. she was walking down the sidewalk when she was approached by this man. he came from behind her and tried to pull her in his car. she was able to get away. >> she felt he was trying to kidnap her. she felt the assault was sexual in nature. >> reporter: she saw him days later on 23rd street. her father came out to chase him. he snapped several pictures. >> we are offering a 5,000-
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dollar reward. >> get that guy. >> reporter: police believe this man could be involved in sex trafficking. reporting in richmond, kron4news. >> the suspect's car is described as an older model 4- door merse mercedes benz. an off duty firefighter was near fire station 29 when he noticed an open door. he went in to check it out. oakland police came to the station to investigate the open door. justine waldman has the video of what is going on. >> reporter: in the dark fire house. police officers call out a
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command. keith jones tries to calm his trying children. >> code 34. >> reporter: jones tries to explain who he is. >> i have my city id. >> reporter: jones stands with his hands in the air. >> who is else is in here? >> just me. >> lift your hands up and turn around for me. reach in your back pocket and grab it. >> reporter: officer confirm his identification the tension eases. >> the door was wide open. i know they went on a run and left it open. >> okay. >> i was going to shut the door and leave. >> you work here? >> yes. i am in the oakland fire department. >> kids, sorry about that.
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>> reporter: the chief said we are concerned about the impact this may have on his young children and hope they will quickly forget this traumatic incident. it is my hope once identification is produced and identity establishes officers will stand down. the officer is anthony martinelli. he graduated in 2013. the police department has finished their investigation and determined that the officers acted within policy. justine waldman, kron4news. palo alto is advising cat owners to keep them inside.
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they have recovered one cat a day killed by coyotes. animal service crews believe the animals are being driven out of the hills because the food and water sources are drying up. they get a cold call from the city they don't want to hear. >> it is tough finding your cat is deceased by a coyote. >> officials recommend it is safe to keep your pets inside at night. jerry brown has little to lose if he faces his republican challenger. the debate will be in sacramento and allow neil cashkari to introduce himself. he is a treasury official who
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led the bank bailout at the height of the recession. >> reporter: warmer today and a little cooler on the coast. in antioch and livermore we had 80s. the coastline was warmer. 66 in daly city. we are sitting in the upper 50s. temperatures will not cool much, maybe a couple degrees. we will see the fog return. it will clear out by noon for most locations. the temperatures are similar tomorrow to what we saw today. traffic report showing it widespread. by 8:00 not much movement. by 10:00 it will be gone and back to the coastline.
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80s in the south bay. 86 in los gatos. 90 in antioch. richmond 79. san francisco will have low 80s in the north bay. we will see the same pattern of morning fog. it will just not be as prevalent. upper 80s inland. the fog will return sunday and monday and cool things off. coming up in sports the commissioner clarifies the league's policy as far as ray macdonald and a suspension. gary has the highlight and sports next.
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good evening. jim harbaugh went to the constitution when asked if ray macdonald would play in dallas after his arrest. >> are you not in favor of due process? not one hand. it is in the constitution. you can ask as many questions as you want.
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it's the 5th amendment. >> it sounded like he agreed with harbaugh. >> you have to make sure you understand the circumstances. you would wait for the legal system. >> under normal circumstances, yes. when you are leading the league in team arrests, i think you have to make an example and show the people you are not going to wait for action. i'm not saying you put him in jail and throw away the key. let him sit out this dallas game with pay until the story infolds in court, which is september 15th. hey, they have to turn it around quick.
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john lester, felix hernandez as advertised, adam dunn has been here 3 days. another home run. hernandez 1 run over 8 innings. everything is great for the a's until now. they traded cespedes. good, good, once you get to the playoffs. you have to get to the playoffs. there is a home run for corey hart. 2-1 mariners. angels lose. a's are 4 and a half games back. wild card is what you have to watch for. right behind the a's. seattle is within striking distance. dodgers lose. when you get a foul ball -- how
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much are the baseballs? $11? >> i think they are cheaper than that. >> i mean an exclusive ball. buster posey hitting .491. ryan to corey. poor vogelson. 8 runs over 5 innings. 9-2 rockies. dodgers losing. giants are 2 games back feeling good. up 2 and a half on milwaukee. world cup basketball, no drama. fun to see what stef does. 6 rebounds. clay thompson same story. 106-71. usa is 4 and 0 in the world cup. serena williams keeps moving on. the only american man or woman
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playing in the u.s. open. >> see you tomorrow.
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ebola nurse nancy speaks out. from the edge of death to this. and hero to the rescue. >> hold on. >> where you might have seen this guy before. then, cop on trial for killing an elk? the gentle beast they called big boy. >> oh, my god. look at it. >> uproar over its death. >> why did you shoot the elk? justice for big boy? and the new tv movie about the death of actresses brittney murphy. is the actresses portraying brittney being bullied by brittney's real-life father. then, bear in a bucket. he has been stuck in it for


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